A Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study is an environmental and engineering process that was developed by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), in response to the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969. The PD&E study process ensures that transportation projects are developed with consideration of current engineering standards, project costs, and minimization of social and environmental impacts, while involving the public throughout the entire study process. 

This study is being conducted to evaluate improvements along the University Avenue and W 13th Street corridors, and to provide information necessary for the City and FDOT to reach a decision on the type, design, and location of the proposed future improvements.  The objective of the study is to transform both corridors into complete streets that facilitate safe and comfortable travel for all users.

The study limits extend along University Avenue (SR 26) between NW 22nd Street and SE 31st Street (approximately 4.0 miles) and W 13th Street (SR 25) between SW 16th Avenue and NW 8th Avenue (approximately 1.6 miles).

As part of this study, several alternatives will be considered to minimize right of way impacts while providing the preferred improvements for the corridors. If right of way is required for future improvements, the affected businesses and residents will be duly informed following the FDOT Right of Way acquisition process and in compliance with the Uniform Relocation Assistance Act.

The project construction year will be identified as the PD&E Study moves forward. For the purpose of this study, the buildout year is being considered as the year 2030. However, the City intends to phase improvements as funding becomes available.

The City has embarked on a public involvement program as part of this PD&E Study to ensure public input throughout the study. This involves actively encouraging and facilitating the participation of the general public, citizen groups, interest groups, elected and appointed officials and other stakeholders. There is no need to wait until a public meeting to provide your input. Public comments and questions are welcomed at any time throughout the study. The community is encouraged to learn more about the project through this project website.

For questions or comments, contact the City of Gainesville Project Manager, Debbie Leistner at 352-393-8412 or [email protected].

The latest materials for the University Avenue and W 13th Street PD&E Study will be available on the Documents and Publications page of this website. Please check back regularly for updates as the study is constantly evolving.

Notice of public meetings will be posted on the Public Notices page of this website. Please check back often for details on upcoming meeting locations and times.